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About Us

siteXcell is Australia's leading telecommunications consultancy and services firm

We act for property trusts, international property management companies, government entities, utility companies, airport corporations, universities, investment banks, critical infrastructure owners, and private landowners.

siteXcell specialises in property-related negotiations, strategies and advice, and acts exclusively for clients to assist them in their dealings with telecommunications carriers.

Our approach ensures:

  • We deliver a service free from conflicts of interest and
  • We always act with our client’s commercial and operational best interests in mind, not the carrier’s.

The industry experts

The telecommunications industry is fragmented. The sector includes numerous mobile and data carriers, lead contractors, sub-contractors, and agents responsible for specific deliverables. As a result, telecommunications property negotiations involve multiple stages and are highly specialised and technical. Our expert knowledge of the telco industry enables us to ‘level the playing field’ for clients in their dealings with carriers.

Without expert specialised advice property owners risk:

  • Substantial loss of revenue
  • Missed revenue opportunities
  • Long-term onerous operational and access obligations.

Maximising returns

From individual property owners to holders of large portfolios, if a telecommunications carrier has approached you, our expert advice and extensive industry experience can assist to:

  • Maximise the commercial potential of a new or existing telecommunications site or asset, and
  • Ensure that any telecommunications carriers and their agents are transparent and accountable in their dealings and negotiations.

We have handled 8,000+ access requests, 6,500+ Land Access and Activity Notices, hundreds of telco negotiations, identified more than $9,000,000 in telco back rent.

    Adding value

    We work to unlock the potential of our clients’ telecommunications sites and diminish their risk.

    siteXcell clients can confidently:

    • Make informed commercial and operational decisions when dealing with, and responding to, telecommunications carriers and their agents.
    • Take advantage of our strategic alliances via siteXcell’s extensive professional network of legal, valuation, technical and project management firms.
    • Access siteXcell’s comprehensive suite of services, receiving ongoing support through every stage of a telecommunications site’s life cycle from initial tenure negotiations and agreement through site renewals, expirations, site management, auditing, termination, and ‘make good’ activities.

    Our leadership team

    At siteXcell, our team are experts in understanding and negotiating the telco property sector. We pride ourselves on an enthusiastic and professional approach designed to add value for our clients.

    Our Directors have more than 75 years combined experience dealing with telecommunications-related transactions and installations. Our experienced team members have all held senior roles in construction, engineering, and project management, working across Australian and international telecommunications markets.

    siteXcell has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne with the ability to meet and assist our clients anywhere in Australia.

    We are proud to be Australia’s largest and most effective client advocate dealing with telecommunications carriers.

    Dennis Doty


    Lisa Hall

    Director Business & Client Manager

    Wayne Sander

    Director Client Advisory Services

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