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siteXcell is an consulting and services firm specialising in property related negotiations and transactions within the telecommunications sector.

Since its establishment 15 years ago siteXcell has acted for property trusts, international property management companies, government entities, utilities companies, airport corporations, universities, critical infrastructure owners, and private landowners.

siteXcell is Australia's only totally independent telecommunications consultancy and services firm that has, since its establishment in 2005, acted exclusively for property owners and managers in their dealings with telecommunications carriers.

This approach ensures:

  • that all siteXcell clients are assured that there are no conflicts of interest in our service delivery; and
  • that all actions recommended and taken on behalf of our clients are done with their commercial and operational best interests in mind, not the carriers

Telecommunications Tower

Single Site or Large Portfolios

Irrespective of whether our clients have a large property portfolio with numerous telecommunications sites and assets or are an individual property owner who has been approached by a telecommunications carrier for the very first time our expert advice and extensive high-level industry experience is able to assist all siteXcell clients by:

  • unlocking the maximum commercial potential of a new or existing telecommunications site or asset, and
  • ensuring that telecommunications carriers and their agents are transparent and accountable in the their dealings and negotiations with property owners.

Knowledge is Key

The Telecommunications Industry is highly fragmented into numerous mobile and data carriers, lead contractors, sub-contractors, and agents responsible for specific deliverables. Telecommunications Property negotiations and transactions are therefore incredibly specialised, technical and involve numerous carrier contact points along the way.

Without expert specialised advice property owners face the risk of:

  • substantial loss of revenue
  • missed revenue opportunities
  • onerous operational and access obligations for decades to come.

Empowering Owners

siteXcell's high-level breadth and depth of knowledge regarding the telecommunications industry and telecommunications carrier practices and processes and procedures means that all siteXcell clients have:

  • the benefit of a level "playing field" meaning that siteXcell's clients are able to make informed commercial and operational decisions at all times when dealing with, and responding to, telecommunications carriers and their agents.
  • have access to siteXcell's professional network which brings complimentary skills to our clients by way of strategic alliances with legal, valuation, technical and project management firms.
  • have the ongoing support of siteXcell's full suite of services catering to every stage of the life-cycle of a telecommunications site from initial tenure negotiations and agreement through site renewals, expirations, site management, auditing, termination, and 'make good' activities.

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