Critical Infrastructure

Realise the full commercial value through our market knowledge

The assets of infrastructure owners are attractive to carriers often because of their unique geographic location, access to the population within which they are located, and they represent savings in construction costs. siteXcell are experts in conducting site evaluations, establishing fair market value, lease reviews, and providing specialist knowledge to infrastructure owners during the development of master agreements which empowers them to confidently engage with carriers in order to achieve optimal commercial and operational outcomes across their assets.

Realise the full commercial value through our market knowledge

Site optimisation not exploitation

Carriers are in general, encouraged to co-locate their facilities on existing structures such as the towers of critical infrastructure owners. As a result, Councils and residents are expected to be less opposed to the sharing of a single tower for instance, than multiple towers being constructed in the same location by different carriers who have the same coverage objectives in the same general area.

Carriers in recent times have however embarked on a concerted effort to "re-setting the market" by severely reducing the rents offered to owners of established infrastructure networks in order to reduce their operating expenses even though carriers are routinely installing larger antennas and ancillary equipment on sites in order to cover multiple technologies. Infrastructure owners are discovering that their sites are fast reaching maximum load, have become congested and unsightly which is increasing the operational and administrative burden of managing and approving carrier access to sensitive and security controlled areas.

In addition, under joint venture arrangements, carriers are installing additional equipment and sharing their possession of a site with another carrier without full disclosure to the infrastructure owner.

Site attributes such as existing infrastructure, elevated or strategic location, access, and clear line of sight to populated areas and roads will continue to attract carrier interest. The very attributes that make a site valuable cannot be allowed to be undermined by carriers simply on the basis that a carrier seeks to reduce its operating costs.

siteXcell are the experts in providing strategy and advisory services to owners of critical infrastructure and providing short to long term solutions which:

  • Ensure that revenue streams from telecommunications facilities are not eroded as carriers become more aggressive in pursuing their commercial objectives
  • Assists owners of critical infrastructure to understand the potential fair market value of a site through a commercial analysis
  • Provides recommendations and identification of non-compliances for each site based on a review of the accuracy of current equipment levels and carrier agreements said to cover that equipment
  • Provides the necessary specialist knowledge to deal with highly technical matters which internal staff struggle to deal with in a cost/time effective manner
  • Assists in the development of master or precedent agreements which are advantageous for the administration of portfolios that include numerous, dispersed, or complex sites resulting in a more efficient and integrated management approach
  • Provides insight into current and future network deployment and carrier strategies
  • Ensures transparency regarding the carrier access process and that carrier agents adhere to site access protocols and procedures.
  • Ensures that where grounds exist to the service of a LAAN, objections are raised based on the permitted grounds and within the statutory timeframes

siteXcell's team of highly experienced telecommunications industry professionals will ensure that your dealings with a carrier are not one-sided and that critical infrastructure owners are equipped with the relevant specialist knowledge so that they can confidently engage with the carriers in order to achieve optimal commercial and operational outcomes.

If you are unsure about the nature and extent of the telecommunications equipment in your assets then find out more about our Facilities Audits and how we can protect and maximise your portfolio's commercial an operational needs through our Strategy & Advice services:

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If you have been served a LAAN do not delay, contact us immediately to find out if you have grounds for objection.

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