siteXcell team members are selected based on their knowledge and first-hand experience within the telecommunications-property industry, specifically:

  • carrier process and procedures in general
  • carrier decision-making methodology when securing a new site or extending the tenure on an existing site
  • a carrier's propensity to utilise its statutory powers
  • carrier 'pressure points' regarding commercial parameters and operational issues

Telco Advice From Telco Professionals

siteXcell is headed by Directors Dennis Doty and Lisa Hall who alone have over 50 years of combined experience in the Australian and international telecommunications industries. Along with the other team members siteXcell has first-hand knowledge and experience in:

  • network deployment
  • property acquisition
  • asset management
  • the engineering and construction of telecommunications facilities
  • telecommunications project management

This means that siteXcell has dealt with just about every type of telecommunications-property transaction and installation possible. In addition siteXcell's specialists skills are complemented by a genuine enthusiasm and desire to find value-add solutions that are tailored to the individual and site specific issues that our clients face.

Our Expertise Is Your Benefit

Property owners and managers are necessarily disadvantaged in their dealings with telecommunications carriers due to a number of reasons. siteXcell uses its expertise to ensure:

  • that telecommunications carriers do not use their power to impose their requirements unchecked
  • that any agreement reached between an owner and a carrier is not to the detriment of the owner's commercial and operational position
  • equitable outcomes are reached in a transparent manner.

As well as having extensive experience in the Australian and international telecommunications industries, the team also have a vast network of contacts and data which it has accumulated over the last 15 years in its dealings and interactions with both the property/asset management industry and telecommunications carriers.

Industry Recognition

siteXcell has conducted strategic asset management workshops in Australia and internationally, has presented at Facilities Management Association of Australia (FMA) conferences, and has provided written submissions for both the Property Council of Australia and FMA national news publications.

siteXcell's ability to identify and capitalise on untapped opportunities and mitigate risk factors involved in telecommunications leasing projects, coupled with a conciliatory approach ensures siteXcell is able to reach transparent and mutually beneficial outcomes for 'both sides of the negotiating table' in complex situations.

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