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Government & education

Government and education property holdings are appealing targets for carriers. At siteXcell, we can assist with asset-specific advice as well as the overall needs of your portfolio.

Solutions that grow with the needs of your portfolio

For portfolios with extensive and diverse assets, it is not uncommon for there to be a discrepancy between the known amount of carrier equipment and the actual amount of carrier equipment.

siteXcell can  provide clarity regarding the growing and changing needs of your portfolio with short and long term solutions, including:

  • Ensuring that revenue streams from telecommunications facilities are not eroded as carriers become more aggressive in pursuing their commercial objectives
  • Promoting and encouraging telecommunications leasing opportunities to build an alternate revenue stream
  • Providing the necessary specialist knowledge to deal with highly technical matters which internal staff struggle to deal with in a cost/time effective manner
  • Providing essential information so that managers can make informed cost-benefit decisions regarding owner versus carrier owned facilities
  • Assisting establish master or precedent agreements
  • Providing insight into current and future network deployment and carrier strategies
  • Ensuring that where grounds exist to the service of a LAAN, objections are raised based on the permitted grounds and within the statutory timeframes.

siteXcell’s team of highly experienced telecommunications industry professionals will ensure that your dealings with a carrier are never one-sided.

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