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Strategy and Advice which responds to a growing portfolios needs

Government and Education portfolios are dynamic and continually growing. They contain assets which are as diverse in their location as they are in their design. The use of these assets is attractive to carriers because of their geographic diversity and access to the population within which they are located. siteXcell are experts in understanding the overall needs of entire portfolios whilst being able to provide asset specific strategy and advice.

Strategy and Advice which responds to a growing portfolios needs

Short to long term solutions that grow with your portfolio needs

For portfolios with extensive and diverse assets, it is not uncommon for there to be a discrepancy between the known amount of carrier equipment and the actual amount of carrier equipment, which carrier equipment has been installed via a formalised agreement and which carrier equipment has been installed under multi-site umbrella agreements.

As new assets are added to a portfolio, this is both an opportunity for carriers and portfolio managers to address the coverage concerns of existing and new customers, staff, students and other visitors. At this stage, portfolio managers are often faced with the decision as to whether it is in the commercial interests of the portfolio to invest in its own telecommunications infrastructure or allow a carrier to construct a facility.

siteXcell's team of highly experienced telecommunications industry professionals understands the growing and changing needs of your portfolio and our understanding and visibility across the mobile telecommunications market means we're able to provide portfolio managers with short to long term plans of action designed to achieve the best commercial and operational outcome and strengthen their position in future negotiations.

siteXcell are the experts in providing strategy and advisory services and providing short to long term solutions which:

  • Ensure that revenue streams from telecommunications facilities are not eroded as carriers become more aggressive in pursuing their commercial objectives
  • Promote and encourage telecommunications leasing opportunities in order to build an alternate revenue stream
  • Provide the necessary specialist knowledge to deal with highly technical matters which internal staff struggle to deal with in a cost/time effective manner
  • Provide the necessary information so that managers can make informed cost-benefit decisions regarding owner versus carrier owned facilities
  • Assist in the establishment of master or precedent agreements
  • Provide insight into current and future network deployment and carrier strategies
  • Ensuring that where grounds exist to the service of a LAAN, objections are raised based on the permitted grounds and within the statutory timeframes

siteXcell's team of highly experienced telecommunications industry professionals will ensure that your dealings with a carrier are not one-sided.

If you are unsure about the nature and extent of telecommunications equipment located on your assets across your portfolio then find out more about our Facilities Audits and how we can protect and maximise your portfolio's commercial an operational needs through our Strategy & Advice services.

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If you are frequently approached by carriers requesting access to your assets and want to be able to bring transparency to that process and better manage carrier contractors then contact us about our Site Access Management.

Site Access Management

If you have been served a LAAN do not delay, contact us immediately to find out if you have grounds for objection.

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