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Identifying unauthorised equipment installations

Is there equipment on your site that isn't part of an existing telecommunications agreement? If there is, someone could owe back rent to you. Our team specialise in facilities audits and can quickly identify unauthorised installations.

Unauthorised installations undermine your commercial position, take up valuable space, and pose potential risks to your daily operations.

Reviewing existing tenure documents

We review all current leases, licences, and agreements to ensure the carrier is complying with the terms and conditions governing their occupation at your property.

Documented and undocumented equipment

Our physical site audit process will identify any unauthorised carrier equipment on your property. We then assess if the unauthorised installation contravenes an existing agreement or was done without a formalised tenure agreement in place.

Workplace Health and Safety and maintenance claims

Workplace Health and Safety issues can arise from a carrier’s occupation at a site, including electromagnetic energy, unidentified cabling, compromised fireproofing in risers, restricting owner access to specific areas, and other issues resulting from poor installation practices. Our onsite audit will identify any violations that could compromise a site’s safety and give rise to a claim against the carrier for rectification or financial remedy.

Site audit reports

Our site audit reports exist to maximise revenue and safety outcomes from installations on your property. The document will provide you with an overview of the carrier tenants within your buildings, current commercial returns, and the potential for future earnings.

Back rent claims

Unauthorised installations could be costing you thousands. Whether it’s undocumented equipment or additional equipment installed outside an agreement, we can assess the commercial return and prepare your claim for back rent.

Concerned there may be an unauthorised installation on your property?