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Managing access to your property

If a carrier wants access to your property, you should know why. We provide owners with confidence by ensuring subcontractors adhere to access protocols and procedures.

We bring transparency to carrier requests for access to your property.

If you’re a landowner with a telecommunications lease, you may not always know why and when a carrier accesses your property. Landowners should be concerned with how best to assess and manage carrier access requests in order to ensure carrier contractors comply with WH&S standards, act in an “industry best practice manner” and your property is not damaged. siteXcell’s suite of access management services will help you stay on top of access requests.

Access documentation and protocols

You need documentation covering the unique and specific nature of telecommunications works and the vast number of contractors who want to come onto your property. We can provide you with confidence that your site is safe and secure by developing robust access protocols.

Managing requests and approvals for access

Carriers and their contractors make multiple requests every day to access commercial buildings. Whether for installation work or equipment maintenance, we take the stress out of determining which carriers can and should have access to your property. We are experts in understanding if an existing agreement is in place or whether a valid tenure agreement or a Land Access Activity Notice is required.

Collecting and reviewing Workplace Health and Safety documentation

Don’t waste time collecting and reading through mountains of access paperwork. We’ll source, review, and clear all necessary documentation, including contractor IDs, safe work method statements, evidence of insurance, and subcontractor qualifications.

Need help managing access to your property?