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Negotiating a new lease

Has a carrier approached you? Perhaps they're looking to install a new telco tower or upgrade an existing facility on your property. Whatever the offer, we work on your behalf to protect your commercial interests.

siteXcell are telecommunications industry experts here to protect your present and future commercial interests

New lease and lease renewal negotiations

Our extensive market knowledge means you’ll receive the maximum commercial return from your lease negotiation. We ensure unforeseen events don’t erode your revenue, and you retain the ability to deal with your property without unnecessary restrictions.

Surrender and re-grant negotiations

Does a carrier wish to install additional equipment and increase the area it occupies on your property? Their request could change the terms of your existing agreement, potentially triggering a surrender or re-grant. siteXcell can assist with the renegotiation of the commercial terms, ensuring you receive the maximum return.

Termination, relocation, and make good negotiations

Significant work goes into installing telecommunications equipment on your property. That’s why, when a carrier vacates your site, you must enforce ‘make good’ obligations. We can assist with negotiations to ensure your asset isn’t compromised and is returned to its original state.

Upgrade notifications

We are experts in understanding what is being proposed when a carrier requests an ‘upgrade’. Our priority is to increase or protect your commercial return by clarifying how the upgrade will impact your property.

Has a carrier approached you?