Private Land Owners

Tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Every property has its own unique characteristics and they are as unique as the needs of their owners. siteXcell are experts in tailoring solutions to meet the commercial and operational needs of private landowners.

Private Land Owners

Getting it right the first time is vital

For private land owners, dealings with telecommunications carriers can be unexpected and highly pressured. Owners can feel pressured to agree to a carrier's commercial terms quickly without having been provided adequate details. Carrier's rely on this approach knowing that private land owners will have little time to conduct any due diligence or seek expert advice ensuring that owners enter into decades long agreements on their terms.

Telecommunications tenure agreements are unique and the true effect of their provisions are not widely understood by those outside the telecommunications industry. Whether you have been approached by a carrier for a new facility, or existing facility, it is imperative that you seek specialised advice.

siteXcell are the experts in providing transactional and advisory services to private landowners ensuring that:

  • Agreements are future-proofed
  • The landowner's rights to deal with their property in any way is protected
  • The landowner's operational needs are minimised
  • The carrier's facility doesn't negatively impact on the present and future value of the land
  • Landowners are not unduly burdened by the carrier's presence on their property
  • Landowners do not incur any financial burden throughout the duration of their agreement with the carrier
  • Landowners are not unnecessarily exposed to legal liabilities such as electromagnetic energy (EME) risks.

siteXcell's team of highly experienced telecommunications industry professionals will ensure that your negotiations with a carrier are not one-sided.

If you have been contacted by a telecommunications carrier for a new telecommunications facility then find out more about our Transactional & Advisory Services.

Transactional & Advisory Services

If you have an existing facility on your land and would like to know how you can commercialise that agreement into an up-front payment then find out more on the Sale of Telecommunications Leases.

Sale of Telecommunications Leases