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Private landowners

Are you feeling pressured to agree to a carrier's terms? Let siteXcell deal on your behalf. We can secure a better outcome to suit your commercial and operational needs.

siteXcell are experts in creating tailored solutions for your unique property

If a carrier has approached you regarding a new or existing facility, you must seek specialised advice.

Dealing with telcos can be tough. Many private landowners come under extreme pressure to accept long term deals on the carrier’s terms.  

siteXcell are the experts in ensuring:

  • Agreements are future-proofed
  • The landowner’s right to deal with their property in any way is protected
  • The landowner’s operational needs are minimised
  • The carrier’s facility doesn’t negatively impact the present and future value of the land
  • The carrier’s presence places no undue burden on the landowner
  • Landowners incur no financial obligation during their agreement with the carrier 
  • Landowners are not unnecessarily exposed to legal liabilities such as electromagnetic energy (EME) risks.

siteXcell’s team of highly experienced telecommunications industry professionals will ensure that your negotiations with a carrier are never one-sided.

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