Asset specific solutions for a cohesive portfolio approach

REIT portfolios are as varied as the property assets they contain. Although each individual asset has its own unique operational characteristics, the commercial needs of a REIT across its varied portfolio must be cohesive. siteXcell are experts in tailoring cohesive portfolio-wide solutions that meet not only the operational requirements of an individual asset but also the overarching needs of REIT's commercial growth strategy.

Asset specific solutions for a cohesive portfolio approach

Consistent Approach, Consistent Outcomes

For REIT's, dealings with telecommunications carriers can be extremely frequent causing a burden on operational and administrative staff and disrupting the normal operations of an asset through frequent requests for access on short notice. At no time in past has the security of a REIT's premiere assets been more important. Operational and administrative staff are entitled to complete and accurate information as to why a carrier is seeking to access an asset and that agents for a carrier adhere to site access protocols and procedures.

Telecommunications carriers are like any other tenant and their on-going occupation should be documented either by a formalised tenure agreement or service of Land Access and Activity Notice (LAAN) to ensure that the commercial position of a REIT is not undermined through the unauthorised installation of telecommunications equipment by a carrier.

Under the Telecommunications Act (Cth) 1997 carriers are afforded a wide range of powers to inspect land and buildings, install telecommunications equipment, and maintain their equipment under certain circumstances without the need to seek the owner's permission. The service of a Land Access and Activity Notice (LAAN) is a common way for carriers to gain access to a REIT asset for the purposes of servicing one of their customers who is a tenant. If you have been served with a Land Access & Activity Notice then timing is of the essence.

siteXcell are the experts in providing strategy and advisory services, managing the site access and LAAN process by:

  • Providing Facility Audits
  • Ensuring that all existing and proposed carrier equipment is documented
  • Ensuring that a carrier's occupation within an asset is formalised by way of a commercial agreement or service of a LAAN
  • That carriers and their agents adhere to operational and security requirements
  • Ensuring that where grounds exist to the service of a LAAN, objections are raised based on the permitted grounds and within the statutory timeframes

siteXcell's team of highly experienced telecommunications industry professionals will ensure that your dealings with a carrier are not one-sided.

If you are unsure about the nature and extent of the telecommunications equipment in your assets then find out more about our Facilities Audits and how we can protect and maximise your portfolio's commercial an operational needs through our Strategy & Advice services.

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If you are experiencing frequent requests for access to an asset by carriers and want to be able to bring transparency to that process and better manage carrier contractors then contact us about our Site Access Management

Site Access Management

If you have been served a LAAN do not delay, contact us immediately to find out if you have grounds for objection.

LAAN Management