siteXcell is a specialist consulting firm assisting Australian property owners with the leasing of land and building space to telecommunications companies.

independent & exclusive

As a niche player in the market, we are one of only a few companies in Australia that work exclusively for, and on behalf of, property owners or their agents – i.e. there is no conflict of interest for us compared to companies who also act on behalf of the telco carriers.

('Carriers' or 'operators' range from wireless broadband and fibre-optic operators to mobile phone companies who need to install telco equipment in or on tall building sites.)

property porfolio strategies

We tend to work mainly on property portfolios for our clients and provide comprehensive strategies to maximise revenues and mitigate potential risks inherent in leasing space for radio frequency transmitting purposes.

list of services

Our expertise lies in fibre-optics, wireless broadband, and mobile technologies.

The services we provide include financial analyses, commercial and operational advice, strategies, audits, and reports – in the areas of:

  • OH&S and risk management (including physical inspections) – of rooftops, towers, MDF rooms (Main Distribution Frame), equipment cabinets and antennas, basement spaces, and risers (vertical shafts running through buildings that house telco cabling and interconnect equipment).
  • Capacity and commercial audits – to ensure optimum use of spaces available on sites or buildings, including rental comparisons.
  • Due diligence exercises – before the signing of lease or purchase agreements.
  • Document and contract reviews – to check tenure, proposals, discrepancies.
  • Analysis of revenue streams from telco leasing or selling of portfolios – advice on how best to maximise opportunities; net present value calculations and financial modelling.
  • New lease negotiations, renewals, expiries and 'make-good' activities.
  • 1997 Telecommunications Act; industry Code of Practice – operational explanations and advice (including carrier compliance requirements) based on our industry experience.