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Follow our in-depth analysis of the key issues impacting the telecommunications property sector. Our case studies explore real-world examples of how policies and practices impact clients across industry.

May 26 2022

SITEXCELL – The Telco Property Experts

Business View Oceania interviews Dennis Doty, Managing Director at siteXcell, for our Technology View. The experts at siteXcell have worked exclusively on behalf of...
telecommunications tower
Dec 21 2021

Trading in your rent for a one-off payday

A lump sum offer may be attractive, but you may be significantly underselling your site.  How direct access to players in the ‘site aggregator’ market paid...
hands holding document
Nov 21 2021

Don’t fall for false comparisons

Why access to accurate and comparable site rental data is key to ensuring you get a realistic annual rate for your carrier lease. Sometimes the initial reaction of...
road street lights urban infrastructure
Oct 21 2021

When a deal is the sum of its parts

Australia’s existing street pole infrastructure is squarely in the sights of carriers. And that means the nation’s utility providers need to be on their guard. Without...
rooftop telecommunications site
Sep 21 2021

Beware of multiplying mobile equipment

Sometimes letting mobile carriers come and go as they please might seem like the stress-free way to manage your property, but that approach could be costing you...
telecommunications tower
Jul 11 2021

Why it pays to review your portfolio

How a mobile carrier's request for a reduction in rent led to an increase in income for the landlord. When an Australian road authority client was put under pressure...