case studies

audit: tower lease portfolio Review

issue: A large organisation asked for assistance from siteXcell regarding their extensive tower lease portfolio. There was concern voiced by the client that due to changes in staff and organisational structure over the years, the available records may not be up to date or complete, resulting in insufficient invoicing and loss of revenue, as well as potential OH&S exposures.

action: siteXcell was commissioned to review the tenure documents and invoicing records and cross-reference these with public and proprietary databases – to provide a financial analysis and evaluation of the portfolio.

result: The results from our analyses were considerable indicating a potential revenue increase of approximately 30% per annum and a significant amount of back rent owing.

process overhaul: management of rooftop sites

issue: A client with several rooftop sites requested that siteXcell assist in developing template documents, flow charts, and processes and procedures to assist with carrier installations, leasing and requests for access.

action: Our recommendations pertained to several internal departments and have been implemented successfully for the last three years.

result: The results are a more efficient and shorter time frame for the execution of carriers' requests as well as a full understanding by the carriers of the owner's requirements in advance of any works, including expected timeframes.

relocation of carrier equipment: building demolition

issue: A government entity wished to demolish a building for redevelopment. However, the site housed a carrier rooftop installation of over 20 antennas secured by contractual agreements between the two parties.

action: We reviewed the site with the client as well as their surrounding properties and were able to propose a suitable alternate site as well as negotiate a mutually-agreeable cost framework for the carrier to relocate.

result: The potentially difficult situation was resolved amicably without legal implications. The redevelopment could proceed as the client planned.

identification of unauthorised installations: property trust facility

issue: A large property trust facility was concerned about unauthorised installations on a site.

action: A siteXcell audit revealed 14 carriers located at the site, 11 of which had no apparent formalised tenure - representing a revenue shortfall for the owner of approximately $80,000 per annum, plus back rent, as well as OH&S issues resulting from the unauthorised wireless installations.

result: A thorough financial analysis of the situation and recommendations to deal with the issues raised, provided the client with a clear course of action to resolve the situation.