Thank you Lisa for all your help. I wouldn’t have had any chance of getting it over the line without your guidance.

- Andrew, Highett VIC

I really appreciate the insight you provide in your responses. You guys are a great help!

- Tom, Melbourne

Once again, I want to thank siteXcell for all your work they have put in over the years. siteXcell has been able to achieve many benefits for Council throughout that time.

- Wendy, Regional VIC

Thanks Wayne, Dennis & the rest of the siteXcell team, the documents you produced for our negotiations were nothing short of impressive!

- David, Melbourne

Thank you so much for the information. This is really comprehensive and I now feel I am now back in control of our building which is something I have not had for quite some time when dealing with the Telco companies.

- Rob, Melbourne

Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for your assistance during this negotiation. I will highly recommend your business!

- Darren, Darwin

Hi Lisa, It seems we are finally about to finalise this matter with a lot of work by you to bring about this outcome. Even the Vodafone agent has a new demeanour towards our solicitor. I suppose he eventually woke up to the fact he was no longer dealing with someone that came down with yesterday's rain shower.

- HB, Melbourne

Well done Lisa! This is an absolute champion effort and thank you so much for your diligence and hard work.

- Chris, Sydney

Another job well done, and again, our sincere gratitude regarding your professionalism and dedication to achieving a positive and timely outcome. Thanks Again!

-CSM, Brisbane

Hi Dennis, You consistently do a great job and provide a fantastic service! I will be more than happy to use your services again.

- PR- Commercial Agent, Sydney

I'd like to say thank you to yourself and the team at siteXcell. I've been impressed with the quality of your responses and extremely happy with how this matter has been handled to date.

-Craig, Melbourne

I just want to extend to siteXcell my wholehearted thanks for your efforts in presenting one of the most excellent and insightful reports I have seen during my lifetime - and I’ve seen a few in my time! Thanks again siteXcell.

- Rod, Regional WA

Thanks to Dennis, Lisa and the rest of the team at siteXcell for their support over the time of the team’s engagement. We have achieved a very positive project outcome based on your excellent work.

-KU - State Governemnt Department, Sydney

This was our first dealing with siteXcell. We can only commend the team at siteXcell for the fast and informative responses we received in relations to our queries. Thank you again for your assistance and we look forward to working with you in the future.

- RA - Retail Lease Manager, Brisbane

Hi Lisa, Great advice as usual - I intend to stand firm.

-KC - Commercial Manager, Brisbane

As the owner’s accountant, we greatly appreciate your help with this negotiation and are impressed with what you have provided

- JP - Accountant, Perth

HI Dennis, When I heard some colleagues discussing Telco’s, I knew there was only 1 place to go to!

-LI Manager, Sydney

Should any of our colleagues be subject to a similar hostile situation, I will be recommending siteXcell handle their telco negotiations in addition to conducting a full site survey.

- BW - Director, Sydney

Thanks for your help over many weeks with my recent negotiations with a telecommunications site lease renewal. SiteXcell gave me a good understanding of our and the other side's relative negotiating positions and helped me negotiate a very satisfactory outcome. Your reports and recommendations are expertly put together.

- Peter, NSW

It’s great to have the support and mentoring of SiteXcell in negotiations with the Telcos. They give us a much deeper understanding of the market as well as concise reports to get executive teams on board and most importantly, they help to keep me sane during Carrier negotiations!

- Emma, Melbourne

Just want to let you know that the work Sitexcell has recently completed for my Office building Owner has been outstanding and has provided real tangible positive results when dealing various telco carriers.

The world of telecommunications can be very confusing for most building owners so to have someone with your experience and knowledge to provide advice for the building owner is invaluable.

- Glen Mckernan,
GM Growth Consulting

Thanks, Lisa, for your help in the recent negotiations. As a private landowner dealing with my tower lease sporadically, I am outgunned by the Telcos. It is good to have SiteXcell at my back.

"The rent is above market!" "The lease is outdated!" The Telcos want me to make concessions and my natural reaction is to try to accommodate. But you help me to step back and ask the questions "What is the Telco's ultimate objective?" and "What is my leverage and what do I want to achieve out of it?". And then we develop a negotiating strategy to achieve my objective, not just theirs.

You are uniquely positioned as someone who both knows the current market and is on my side. I regard getting your advice and mentoring an essential part of the due diligence in any lease renegotiation.

- Robert, WA

I just want to thank Sitexcell for their very professional advice throughout this saga dealing with the telco. Its report was invaluable. If the opportunity arises, I will not hesitate to highly recommend your services.

Best regards,

- Hugh, NSW

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