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Understanding Land Access Activity Notices (LAAN)

Carriers have wide-ranging statutory powers permitting them to access, install, and maintain a telecommunications facility. Once a LAAN has been served, time matters. Contact us to find out if you have any grounds for objection.

siteXcell removes the pressure and stress associated with receiving a LAAN

Review of LAAN documents and technical drawings

Telecommunications carriers are required to prepare and serve LAANs correctly. We can advise if a LAAN has been completed correctly. We can also provide guidance on whether technical drawings contain the required level of detail. Where a LAAN is incomplete or inaccurate, we liaise with the carrier to ensure they address errors and inaccuracies.

Objecting to a LAAN

We can advise if you have valid grounds for objection. We can then assist in the preparation of your objection to ensure it is submitted on time.  Once the objection is raised, we liaise with the carrier to resolve the issues and reach a mutually agreeable outcome.


When a negotiated outcome can’t be reached, we can assist with appeals to statutory bodies, the ombudsman, and courts. We prepare all required documentation and provide guidance throughout the objection process to final determination.

Been served a LAAN?