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Understanding Land Access Activity Notices (LAAN)

Has a carrier approached you? Perhaps they're looking to install a new telco tower or upgrade an existing facility on your property. Whatever the offer, we work on your behalf to protect your commercial interests.

Under the Telecommunications Act (Cth) 1997, carriers are afforded a wide range of powers to inspect land and buildings, install telecommunications equipment, and maintain their equipment under certain circumstances without obtaining the landowners permission.

siteXcell removes the pressure and stress associated with receiving a LAAN

Review of LAAN documents

Carriers are required to prepare and serve LAANs correctly. We can advise if a LAAN has been completed correctly. We can also provide guidance on whether technical drawings contain the required level of detail. Where a LAAN is incomplete or inaccurate, we liaise with the carrier to ensure they address errors and inaccuracies.

Objecting to a LAAN

We can advise if you have valid grounds to object to a LAAN. We can then assist in the preparation of your objection to ensure it is submitted within the permitted timeframes.  Once the LAAN objection is raised, we liaise with the carrier to resolve the issues and reach a mutually agreeable outcome.


When a negotiated outcome to a LAAN can’t be reached, we can assist with appeals to statutory bodies, the ombudsman, and courts. We prepare all required documentation and provide guidance throughout the LAAN objection process to reach a final determination.

Contact SiteXcell today for expert advice on your rights, obligations, and grounds for objection to your Land Access Activity Notice (LAAN).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Land Access Activity Notice (LAAN)?

A Land Access Activity Notice (LAAN) is a document served under a carrier’s statutory power under Schedule 3 of the Telecommunications Act (Cth) 1997. A carrier’s powers under Schedule 3 enable it to access your land for the purpose of inspecting, installing, and maintaining a low-impact telecommunications facility.

What are my rights under a LAAN?

Schedule 3 does provide for landowners to object to a LAAN, however for an objection to be valid it must fall under one of the permitted grounds for objection. There are both technical and substantive grounds for objection. siteXcell has dealt with thousands of LAANs and can advise if you have any grounds for objection.

What if I can’t reach agreement with the carrier?

With the right advice and guidance, most objections to a LAAN can be successfully resolved with the carrier by detailing the objection and communicating with the carrier. Schedule 3 does provide mandated timeframes within which efforts to resolve objections are to take place before being referred to a third-party for resolution.

How can siteXcell help?
siteXcell has dealt with thousands of LAANs in relation to all types of landowners, properties, and facilities. siteXcell has intimate knowledge of the powers granted to carriers under Schedule 3 and what circumstances give rise to a valid ground for objection. siteXcell  has a wide scope of experience dealing with objecting to LAAN’s on behalf of landowners and has successfully managed the objection process across the complete range of landowners from the individual landowner with a single telecommunications facility on their property through to corporate landowners with large portfolios of retail assets who are frequently served with LAANs. siteXcell directors have over 75 years of combined experience dealing with telecommunications related transactions and are expertly placed to help you understand your LAAN and protect your rights. Contact us today.

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