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Capability Statement

siteXcell is a professional property consulting and services firm specialising in the telecommunications sector, exclusively acting for property owners, managers and infrastructure operators. We work to unlock the potential of our Clients’ telecommunications sites whilst diminishing their risk profile, through our expert advice and extensive industry experience.

The result for our Clients is a more level “playing field” when dealing with telecom carriers and their agents in a fragmented marketplace for lessors, where they generally only have the odd occasion to deal with these types of specialised and technically oriented, long term transactions, and may be seriously disadvantaged by only relying on the carrier’s “sales pitch”.

We offer a full site life cycle service suite, from initial tenure transaction through renewals, expiries, site management, auditing, and make good activities. We also bring complimentary skills to our Clients by way of strategic alliances with legal, valuation, technical and project management firms.

We have handled over 3500 access requests, over 1500 Land Access and Activity Notices, hundreds of telco negotiations, identified over $6,000,000 in back telco rent, and completed several large portfolio strategy projects.

Our range of Clients include Property Trusts, International Property Management companies, Government entities, Airports, Universities, Public Venues, and telco related Infrastructure Owners.

We appreciate that our Clients are pressed for time, and may not quite understand what the carriers are doing, so we take the hassle and technical issues on board and deal with them in a professional and timely manner, allowing our Clients to focus on their core activities and responsibilities.

Our Services

SiteXcell is totally independent from carriers in the telco property industry. With this approach, our Clients are assured that there are no conflicts of interest in our service delivery. We analyse and assist with existing sites, portfolios or new transactions using our deep and broad strategic and commercial industry experience, gained both in the Australian and international marketplaces.

Our services include:

  • Carrier site access control and management
  • Land Access and Activity Notice (LAAN) advice and processing including the review of supplied drawings
  • Strategic Review of Portfolios
  • Commercial rental comparisons and analyses to determine market value, including the preparation of rate cards.
  • Site Audits to confirm telco carrier tenure and WH&S compliance
  • Transaction/negotiations management
  • Financial modelling
  • Lease/property management of telco portfolios
  • Development of Processes and Procedures
  • Co-siting services (including upgrades) with new carriers entering the site or tower
  • Pre-Lease/Purchase/Post Tenant Occupation Due diligence
  • Tenure document operational review
  • Marketing and commercial analyses/strategies for tower or rooftop portfolios for sale

Our Clients

siteXcell has an extensive client list where we have provided consulting services in the telecommunications property area, as well as strategic asset management areas for the following major organisations:

Monash University





GPT Group


Colliers International

University Of Sydney


AMP Capital

Brookfield Properties

Melbourne Airport

Charter Hall

Knight Frank


City Of Sydney


Super Property

Sydney Water

NSW Transport

The siteXcell Team

The siteXcell team is chosen for their expertise in the telco property segment, complemented with their enthusiasm and professional approach to finding value adding solutions to our client specific issues.

Dennis Doty founded Total Site Solutions Pty Ltd (trading as siteXcell®) in 2005 after over 25 years in senior property and asset management roles in the telecommunications industry. His career has focused on assisting organisations manage and implement major telco related property and asset solutions including the strategic development of portfolios involving thousands of telco sites and with over $2 billion in value.

His senior roles included telco related firms such as BellSouth, Optus, Optus Vision, Evernet (telco network deployment), and Crown Castle Australia (now Axicom).

Also managing the siteXcell business are Directors Lisa Hall and Wayne Sander, who have both held senior positions in business. In Lisa’s case, she was the owner and MD of a telecommunications related network deployment business. Wayne held a senior role at a major engineering and project management company in Australia during his 18-year term.

In all, the Directors alone have over 75 years combined experience in dealing with telecommunications related transactions and installations.

The remaining managers in the team have all held senior roles in construction, engineering and project management.

In addition to their extensive experience in Australian and international telecommunications industries, the team also has a vast network of contacts and data achieved with their interactions in the property industry, as well as of course the telecom companies.

Finally, Dennis has conducted strategic asset management workshops in Australia and internationally, presented at the Facilities Management Association of Australia (FMA) conferences and has written articles for both the Property Council of Australia and FMA national news publications.

siteXcell has offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and of course we travel to all areas of Australia to handle the needs of our Clients.

We are proud to be the largest and most effective Client advocate dealing with telecommunications carriers in Australia.

For additional information, or to schedule a meeting with Dennis, Lisa, Petar or Wayne, please feel free to contact us using the following details:

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