why use us

The ‘inside track’: knowledge, expertise, credentials

Dennis Doty, siteXcell's founder and Managing Director, has worked on the other side of the negotiating table representing telco operators for over 18 years.

Combined with over 25 years in the property industry (see about us section) – from broking to investing to CEO-level management roles – Dennis is considered by many in the industry to be a 'guru' in this niche area of consulting services.

You will typically deal directly with Dennis himself, and not be fobbed off to a junior account handler after the initial pitch. And having a senior-level player on your side is always good when facing challenges.

market intelligence through contacts

siteXcell has regular contact with a US-based telco lease consulting company as well as with colleagues in the UK – associations which help facilitate the exchange of ideas, help identify trends in the industry, and ensure that we are up-to-date with 'best practice' learning in the international arena.

Due to good relationships and contacts across the board in Australia, siteXcell is able to provide information and facilitation skills to 'smooth over' challenges that may be presented in the consulting process. Where possible, our first action is to conduct professional, amicable discussions with all parties involved in reviewing a telco site installation.

for owners exclusively

siteXcell acts only on behalf of owners or their agents so that no conflicts of interest can arise when advising on 3rd party negotiations.

old fashioned values

Prompt response, clear communication, timeliness, quality and integrity – are the cornerstones of our business.

Most new projects come to us through word-of-mouth referrals, a fact which speaks for itself.

no measurable gains? no charge!

siteXcell has a policy whereby if no discernable gains or opportunities are revealed through a site review process – there are no charges to the client. In other words, you have nothing to lose if you engage our site-audit service.

This promise is a testament to our belief that the majority of commercial and industrial property portfolio owners in Australia are not making the best use of the telco space they may have available across their building sites. Why not give us a call today?